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Entrepreneur & Social Change Agent


I’ve had a passion for working toward positive social change that started at an early age when I read a book called “Tears of Triumph.” The book told stories of people living in deep poverty in Calcutta, India. As a young, white, middle-class kid in Upstate New York, I’d never imagined such poverty existed. It lit a fire within me,and over time I tried to learn as much as I could about injustices occurring in our world.

My lifelong dream as a child was to become a professional pianist, yet over time I realized I wanted to devote my life to making the world a better place in a different way. Following the examples of some of my professors in college, after I graduated I went to live in Australia and traveled to Thailand with the intention of developing relationships with people from other cultures to deepen my own understanding of global injustice, and to serve people facing injustice.

While I was in Thailand, I realized the social entrepreneurs I was working with had huge goals and dreams, but did not have the strategies to reach them. They also didn’t have a way to know what kind of impact they were having, positive or negative.

So many people dedicated to solving big social problems of our time are doing the best they can, but are not sure if their work is leading to the impact they’re seeking. My role is to help those social entrepreneurs gain a deeper understanding of the problems being faced by the people they seek to serve, clarify strategies that will really make a difference, and identify ways to learn about the impact they’re having.


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